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BM39B Polishing Motor

This two-speed polishing motor gives you two choices for motor speeds at 1500 and 3000 rpm. It has a high torque, permanent magnet motor for smooth running.

  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Light and smooth rotation
  • Class B insulation
  • Can be used with flexible shaft
  • Aluminium casting body and 6302 ZZ deep groove ball bearing.
  • Maintenance-Free and Trouble-Free
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-54069002 Replacement 2 Speed Switch for BM39B Polishing Motor
T-93969002 BM39B Polishing Motor

Polini Polishing Machine - Single Sided

The reliable polishing machine for service.

With one spindle for polishing brushes, a speed of 2900 rpm and a transparent cover for optimised dust extraction, the Polini polishing machine is ideally equipped for use by jewellers, in jewellery workshops or by watchmakers.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
EL-3800100 Polini Polishing Machine - Single Sided
EL-3800106 Filter Mat for Polini
EL-3800115 Right Spindle for Polini Polishing Machine

Multispeed Polishing Machine

Powerful polishing with two spindles

The Multispeed polishing machine has two polishing brushes, two different speed settings (1400 and 2800 rpm) and two folding dust protection covers for optimised extraction. The polishing area is illuminated for easier machining.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
EL-3800211 Grinding Wheel Holder for Multispeed Polishing Machine
EL-3800213 Filter Mat for Multispeed - 310 x 178 x 22mm
EL-3800217 Right Spindle for Multispeed Polishing Machine
EL-3800300 Multispeed Polishing Machine - 2 spindles
EL-3800305 Left Spindle for Multispeed Polishing Machine

Universal Polishing Machine

  • High performance, super silent motor
  • 2 Speed
  • Compact design with excellent air flow
  • High torque
  • Superior suction
  • Exctactor
  • 500/3000 rpm
  • 220/240VAC
  • Vacuum 2x750m3/h

Made in Europe

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-40181010 BM Plexiglass Face Protection for BM83A Polishing Motor
T-98383001 Universal Polishing Machine

BM82 Single Spindle 2-Speed Polishing Bench

The 2 Speed Technopolish Polishing Machine which is quipped with the highest quality materials and the latest technology, runnings at two speeds, 1500 and 3000. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is compatible with all kinds of working conditions. It has an arm support that provided to you work tirelessly. Thanks to the buttons it is easy to use and trouble-free.

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Maintenance-free, quiet and high-performance powerful motor.
  • Water resistant 304 quality stainless steel body.
  • 750 m3 Vacuum with superior suction power
  • 3 filtration System which has fine dust separation  and easy to clean. 
  • 4X9 1600 lm Daylight Led Lighting.
  • Movable transparent plexiglass protector.

Suction power: 750 m³ / h
Brush: Max. Ø160,0 mm
Shaft: Ø 14,0 mm
Dimensions: L47 x B57 x H57 cm
Weight: 33.0 kg

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-98282002 BM82 Single Spindle 2-Speed Polishing Bench

Polishing Motor

High quality polishing lathe.

  • 3250rpm with 1/2" (12.5mm) shafts
  • Includes 2 tapered spindles
  • 110/220 volt (switchable)
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-DC55 Polishing Motor with 2 tapered spindles

Polishing & Cutting Machine

Flexi Drive, Buff, Grinder, Saw and Diamond Saw.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Economy (Entry Level)
T-508032 Universal Grinder - Polishing & Cutting Machine

Vibratory Polisher

A vibratory jewellery tumbler that will bring surfaces to a high shine. Ideal for polishing nuts, bolts and other hardware, cleaning ammunition reload cases, jewelry, rocks and gems. Fits 20cm pieces or up to 3.5 kilograms.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-AP40171 Vibratory Polisher

Vibratory Polisher, 26cm

  • Improved Tumbling Action
  • Faster Finishing
  • Excellent Quality Plastic Bowl
  • Lid with Internal Seal
  • Media (Walnut) Included
  • Great Value
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-TUM26 Vibratory Polisher, 26cm

Vibratory Polisher, 20cm

  • Reliable Motor
  • Great Tumbling Action
  • Fast & Silent
  • Durable Plastic Bowl
  • Great Value
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-TUM20 Vibratory Polisher, 20cm
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