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ONEOF Accuracy2

The new measurement tool for mechanical watch lovers.

Accuracy2 is made of an ultra sensitive sensor which is capable of detecting every single vibration in the movement of a mechanical watch. Each of these small vibrations is converted into an audio signal, highly amplified, digitalized and transmitted to the device where every second, complex algorithms process tens of thousands of data.

While other connected measurement tools on the market work only with the analog and disappearing audio jack connector, ONEOF engineers clearly anticipated and developed a brand new digital audio electronic system based on the commonly used USB standard.

No jack connector

The jack connector with analog audio is outdated. The 16 bits / 48KHz digital audio used in ONEOF Accuracy2 gives better measurement performance than any other product available on the market.

Plug & Play

ONEOF accuracy2 is a stand-alone device. It requires no battery or power supply. Plug it and forget it. It is that simple.

Measure your watch in a split-second

The new Accuracy app developed by our engineers automatically detects the presence of your watch on the sensor. Just after a few seconds of initialization, you get all the detailed technical information you need in a professional and user-friendly app.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
B-7805-ACY ONEOF Accuracy2

TYMC Timegrapher MTG-500

This simple to use device will automatically begin measuring when a watch is placed on the microphone. It’s compact size and low price make it perfect for any small watch service centre or hobbyist.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MTG-500 Mechanical Watch Timing Machine

Weishi 1000 Timegrapher

Similar to the MTG-500, this machine can also measure amplitude and automatically select the beat number. It is excellent for watch servicing stores and serious watch collectors.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MTG-1000 Mechanical Watch Timing Machine

TYMC Timegrapher MTG-4000A

High stability and reliability it is possible to read even the weakest signal. With the high resolution 7” colour display this model is designed for professional use.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MTG-4000A Mechanical Watch Timing Machine $1,386.00

MTG-5000 Mechnical Watch Timing Machine

MTG-5000 mechanical watch timing machine. The ultimate in profesional analysis. Numerical and visual display, can record information for up to 32 hours and show twice as many beats by splitting the display into two rows.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MTG-5000 Mechanical Watch Timing Machine $1,650.00

TYMC Printing Machine

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MTG-PM Printing Machine for MTG Timers
Premium (Professional)
MTG-PP Paper Roll for Printing Machine

Paper Rolls for B200

Extra paper roll for Vibrograph B200 printer.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MSA 19.140-E Paper Roll for VibrographB200

Horotec Multifunction Tester for Watches

Horotec Flash Test multi-function tester for analogue and quartz watches.

Functions include:

  • Battery voltage
  • Coil resistance (sound signal)
  • Circuit voltage consumption
  • Turbo function
  • Watch accuracy
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
MSA 19.115 Horotec Multifunction Tester for Watches

Q-Tester - Quartz Watches & Clock Tester

The Q-TESTER Quartz Watches & Clocks Tester is mainly used for the performance measurement of analogue quartz watches and clocks, digital quartzquartz watches and clocks and digital information calendars. 

It can measure many parameters such as the instantaneous daily rate, the instantaneous monthly rate, the average current consumption, the ppm value of the crystal oscillator and the voltage of the battery. 

The output voltage adopts the digital adjustment and can provide 0.5V to 4.5V DC voltage.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-QTESTER Q-Tester - Quartz Watches & Clock Tester

Multimeter S1

Multimeter S1. Used for testing a variety of batteries and electronic goods.

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Economy (Entry Level)
T-356 Multimeter S1