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ONEOF Accuracy2

The new measurement tool for mechanical watch lovers.

Accuracy2 is made of an ultra sensitive sensor which is capable of detecting every single vibration in the movement of a mechanical watch. Each of these small vibrations is converted into an audio signal, highly amplified, digitalized and transmitted to the device where every second, complex algorithms process tens of thousands of data.

While other connected measurement tools on the market work only with the analog and disappearing audio jack connector, ONEOF engineers clearly anticipated and developed a brand new digital audio electronic system based on the commonly used USB standard.

No jack connector

The jack connector with analog audio is outdated. The 16 bits / 48KHz digital audio used in ONEOF Accuracy2 gives better measurement performance than any other product available on the market.

Plug & Play

ONEOF accuracy2 is a stand-alone device. It requires no battery or power supply. Plug it and forget it. It is that simple.

Measure your watch in a split-second

The new Accuracy app developed by our engineers automatically detects the presence of your watch on the sensor. Just after a few seconds of initialization, you get all the detailed technical information you need in a professional and user-friendly app.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
B-7805-ACY ONEOF Accuracy2 $410.00

Automatic Watch Winder for 3

Traction driven automatic watch winder, up to 3 watches. An efficient watch winder that puts less stress on the motor by using it's traction driven design.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
T-501032-B Automatic Watch Winder for 3 Watches (Traction Driven)

Calypso Waterproof Tester

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
T-909S Calypso Waterproof Tester

Bergeon Waterproof Testing Rod

Replacement testing rod for the Bergeon 5555/98 waterproof tester. 

Supports two watches simultaneously for suspending watches inside the chamber.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
B-5555-TC Testing Rod for Bergeon Waterproof Tester

Elma Cyclomotion - Watch Winding Machine

The Elma Cyclomotion is a professional machine for the winding of automatic watches and is the perfect modern evolution of the proven Cyclomat. Used for the servicing and maintance of automatic watches this watch winder can be configured individually and for the respective requirements so the watch can simulate any possible wrist position. Different rotation variants guarantee optimum winding according to the respective requirements of the mechanical watch movements. In addition large and heavy mechanical watches can also be wound easily by the powerful yet very quiet motor. As a result, the Cyclomotion is optimally designed for service workshops, watchmakers and watch manufactures.

Features include: Powerful, quiet motor with integrated slip clutch and holding torque (in standby mode), Adjustable speed: 1 rpm or 4 rpm for continuous tests and fast winding of the watches, Adjustable rotation directions: clockwise, anti-clockwise and clockwise / anticlockwise by rotation direction change, Individually selectable retaining bracket combination enables simultaneous winding on one or both sides of watch movements to be wound, (Lockable protection cover provides additional protection against dust and mechanical influence - Optional, protective cover sold separately).

Elma Cyclomotion Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 465mm x 325mm x 520mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight – 11.0 kg
  • Mains Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Rotation - Radial (RPM) - 1 or 4
  • Rotation - Axial (RPM) - 4.5 or 18
  • Rotation Direction - Left/Right
  • Power Consumption – 24 Watt
  • Voltage – 100-240 Volt
  • Made in Germany


Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
EL-1035171 Cyclomotion Watch Winding Machine
Premium (Professional)
EL-1035190 Clip For 2 Watches

Elma Cyclomat - Watch Winding Machine

For winding and testing of automatic watches. "The Artificial Wrist" ideal for service workshops, watchmakers and watch manufactures.

Features include: 12 arms with bow clips to secure the watch to the unit, 6 rotations of 360° per minute, Geared ‘rolling’ action of all 12 arms, Table or wall mountable, CE Compliant.

  • Dimensions – 380mm x 155mm x 450mm (LxWxH)
  • Weight – 2.8 kg
  • Mains Frequency – 50/60 Hz
  • Rotation - Radial (RPM) - 4
  • Rotation - Axial (RPM) - 20
  • Power Consumption – 2 Watt
  • Voltage – 220-240 Volt
  • Made in Germany
Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
EL-33400 Elma Cyclomat 12 Arm Watch Winding Machine

Automatic Watch Winding Machine

Automatic watch winding machine. Space for six watches.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Economy (Entry Level)
T-847 Automatic Watch Winder

Automatic Watch Winder for 6 Watches

Automatic watch winder & tester, with space for six watches.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Economy (Entry Level)
T-976 Automatic Watch Winder

Watch Winder for 4 Watches

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
T-CN82-05 Watch Winder for 4 Watches

Watch winder for 1 Watch

Watch winder for one watch. Keeps your mechanical watch on time while you're not wearing it.

Stock # Item Price Order QTY
Premium (Professional)
MSA 19.367 Watch Winder for 1 Watch